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Dave Miller

Dave began his policing career in 2007 as an Auxiliary volunteer member. In 2008 Dave was hired on full time where he spent the next 15 years actively working in a variety of law enforcement roles. He began working in the courts where he learned the inner workings of the judicial system from a law enforcement perspective.

Soon after he transitioned to working as a uniform patrol officer. During that time Dave spent 8 years as a member of his services tactical unit and also serving as a tactical medic. Dave was a part of hundreds of calls for service and execution of high risk search warrants in his community as well as gaining valuable experience in working with those experiencing a mental crisis.

Training and teaching became a passion of Dave’s and he got to spend 5 years working as a recruit training/coach officer.

Upon leaving his services tactical team, Dave joined the intelligence unit and worked in street crimes and was his services human trafficking investigator, which was a motivating factor to him in the creation and development of this program alongside Gary.

In early 2023 Dave made the decision to retire from policing where he co-founded the Pursuit Institute with his wife, Delynn. The Pursuit Institute focuses on personal and business development as well as a variety of life and mindset coaching, including trauma informed coaching. Dave has actively been involved in a variety of business ventures dating back to 2002.

Dave and his wife have two beautiful children who have been a major inspiration for the creation of Protechtion and vision to end all internet child exploitation.

“Children deserve to grow up in a safe and secure environment, both online and offline. In today's digital age, we need to arm parents and children with the knowledge and skill set to fight back against the predators that seek to cause harm to them. I’m motivated every single day to create and educate those who need it, in order to keep their family safe.”

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