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Gary Oriet

Gary has been on a mission for over 25 years, championing child safety in the realm of protection especially directed to the internet. He has held several roles over the last 25 years that has allowed him to develop a better understanding of the offender's mind and possible reasons behind their offending behavior.

He has helped hundreds of children and families deal with the fallout and associated trauma of internet Child Exploitation.  The valuable insights gained have become a focal point in the development of Protechtion's courses and education for parents and youth.

Over the last 25 years Gary has attended and completed numerous courses on Child Protection and Internet Safety, providing him with the expertise to stay at the forefront of this issue.

Since 2000, Gary and his wife Val have been Foster Parents, opening their home to more than 50 children who needed a stable and nurturing environment. Due to their exceptional reputation for this service to their community, their home has been recognized as a place of safety for children.  

"Throughout my adult life, I've demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of children, whether in residential care, in our home, or in the online world. I firmly believe in the 'Upstream Approach' to online and child safety, which is why we created these valuable courses. Prevention really does start in the home and with you as the parent. Implementing controls early and open communication prevents the fallout that can destroy families and our children. Remember, 'Predators and individuals with harmful intentions only need to succeed once, and as parents, we need to be vigilant every single time.

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