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5 Million Online Predators are Active Every Single Day.

Are You Prepared?

Empower Yourself to Protect Your Children's Digital World in an Era of Online Threats

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We Are Protechtion

Online and Digital Safety Company that delivers quality online safety education for parents and youth. 


  • 1 in 5 teenagers receives unwanted sexual solicitation online.

  • 2 out of 3 face an online sextortion attempt.

  • 40% of children in grades 4-8 have chatted with strangers online, and 75% share personal information with them.

  • 50% of sexual exploitation cases start on social media platforms.

  • 27% of cases involve a family member or acquaintance as a perpetrator.

  • 15% of parents know what their kids do online

Are You Prepared?

Are you a parent who wants to protect your kids from the dangers that exist online? 

If you said YES, then this is for you."

Our easy to follow education and guidance gives you the tools to be proactive in protecting the youth in your life.  

If you are not prepared, that’s okay. 

We’ve got your back.  

We know there's an invisible danger lurking on the Internet, where over 500,000 predators are active every single day.  

The Fallout is ENDLESS...

  • Sextortion - Your child being held as a digital hostage.

  • Depression and Anxiety - No child should ever be left feeling empty with no way out.

  • Substance Abuse - Succumbing to harmful coping strategies.

  • Even the unimaginable tragedy of youth suicide .

Over 6 easy to follow Online Digital Safety lessons, we guide you through this learning path based on our real life experiences and knowledge.


Exposes the real online world, with specific dangers and real-life examples.

Including the #1 secret used by pedophiles to lure a child online.


Highlights the obvious and not so obvious spaces where online predators are waiting for your child, helping you stay informed, vigilant and armed with resources. 


Teaches you to recognize common grooming and luring techniques, emphasizing the fact that threats exist both online and offline.


Dive into the dangerous psychological impact of pornography on young minds called the “slow fade”. We focus on what internal and external controls are, so you can implement them at home to create a barrier of online protection.


Explores the risks of active cameras on devices providing you with further external controls and how to foster an environment of online trust that feels good for all.


This last lesson is a comprehensive recap, preparing you for the next steps in your family's digital safety journey.

The following courses are examples of what's

included with your membership.

Understanding The Dangers Of Social Media

In this course we provide a direct overview of the history of social media and how it has transformed today into an online predator's haven. The continuous expansion of social platforms makes it difficult for parents to keep up with the changing landscape.

This course provides a broad overview of the most popular platforms so you can walk away feeling more aware and able to protect your children. We then breakdown each platform in their own standalone course, covering the risks that each one has and what you can do to help your child navigate them safely.

All social media courses include resource files for privacy settings and parental controls, allowing parents to implement them with ease. Individual platforms covered include: Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, Kids YouTube, Facebook and more..,

Online Games

Roblox for example is a popular kids gaming apps has over 40 million available games for kids to play, all created by users themselves. There are dangers that exist that no parents would ever dream about.

Learn surprising tricks that these users will implement to begin the online grooming process, connecting with children at ease playing the games that they want.

Understanding Luring and Grooming

Learn up to date techniques online predators use to connect with children using real life examples. Understand how an online predator will aim to sextort your child and take advantage of their innocence.

You will learn how to detect if something is off with your child and if they may have become a victim in the online world and what you need to do when that happens.

Fostering Trust

Building digital resiliency and trust is a key-factor to navigating the online world and creating change within your household. Children need to know that they can continue to use the online world with trust and what the expectations are within your home.

Learn how to implement a family agreement, using one of our proven templates that creates alignment and understanding for everyone.

Child and Youth Education - Age Appropriate Courses 

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We know these are difficult and sensitive topics, so we have created courses that tackle this serious topic in a fun and informative way for kids and teens alike. We breakdown this information into age groups of 6-8, 9-11, 12-15 and 16 plus.

External Controls:  

Knowing what technology is available and how to implement it is a key strategy towards safeguarding your family.Best tech resources to use.Understand how to maximize safety features on iPhones, Android and more...

Resource Library 

Access all of our supporting downloadable resources to enhance your learning. Get instant access to:

  • Online Family Agreement Templates
  • Conversation Scripts
  • Social Media Privacy Settings and Security Links
  • External Control documents to easily add a layer of security 
  • PSA videos, and more...



But the journey doesn't end there.

As a welcome gift to Protechtion, we are giving you 50% off and 3 months FREE access to our entire membership portal and courses.

As a Protechtion member, you gain exclusive access to in-depth courses that further expand on each of these lessons and so much more.

We break down complex topics into bite-sized chunks that make it easy to gain knowledge you need.We handle the tough task of helping you educate your children on these difficult topics, using our experience to give you the advantage you need. 

Take yourself on a self navigated journey through a variety of courses designed with your family in mind.

Take yourself on a self navigated journey through a variety of courses designed with your family in mind.

Private membership access also includes:

  • Easy to use conversation scripts with your child to begin to address the issue of online safety

  • Written family agreement templates that can be implemented to create a safe online environment

  • Online quizzes to test your children's knowledge

  • Platform privacy settings documents

  • Understanding external controls and how exactly to implement them with ease

  • Educational videos and interviews

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • The online world changes FAST. Stay up to date when new platforms or games as they come out.

  • Be the first to know when technology changes

  • Hear inspiring stories from real life examples and survivors of online exploitation

  • 50% Off,

    limited time offer.

    The cost of our subscription is a one time fee of $194 $97 and only $9/month after. 

    When you begin today, you will receive your first 3 months free, on us and with no commitment to continue afterwards. 

    Yes, I want to protect my child.


    PLUS, we back everything we provide with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. If you do not feel as though we provided you with the tools you require to keep your family safe, just write to use and we will give you your money back, PLUS you get to keep all of the material. It doesn't get much safer than that.

    Meet Our Founder

    Dave Miller 

    Dave Miller, has an extensive background in law enforcement. He understood and knew the rising statistics of Internet Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking, which he was a trained investigator in when he made the decision to leave his police career.  

    Dave quickly transitioned into the development of Protechtion, consulting with those who have a background in internet child crimes and child protection.  

    Above all that, Dave is a parent, just like those he seeks to help. He believes first it begins by bringing awareness and education directly into homes and workplaces, empowering people with the tools and resources they need to protect those they love the most.  

    With a mission to end internet child exploitation, you are invited to join our army of whose who collectively want to raise awareness around this growing problem. Every single person can and does make a difference on this journey.

    Learn more about Dave

    With Protechtion, you can bridge this gap. The stakes are high and the danger is real. Can you really afford not to take action?


    50% OFF NOW!

     With Protechtion, you're not just arming your child with knowledge and skills; you're providing them with a shield against the dark side of the online world. Your contribution will help create a safer digital landscape for all children.  Our future based causes include actively investing into research and development as well providing direct funding to combat this issue in communities across the country.  

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